New AMIGA 500 Core Release Beta (0.10)

We like to announce today a new Beta Release for the AMIGA 500 core.

Please check out the following link for download:

 MCC-216 Amiga core v0.10 beta release note

* Read only support on ADF images. Support up to 4 drives and 20 medias.

* GAME/DEMO/USER menus (no menu title yet)

* Menu software resides in SDRAM and is loaded from SD-Card (AMENU.BIN in /SYSTEM/ROM/AMIGA/)

* USER menu only supports Kickstart v1.3 (file KICK13.ROM under /SYSTEM/ROM/AMIGA/)

* GAME and DEMO menus use encrypted Cloanto Kicktarts

* Fixed memory configuration : 2 MB of Chip, 1 MB of Slow, 8 MB of Fast (not auto-config)

* F12 shows/hides drives' states

* "Menu" key (between Alt Gr and Ctrl) swaps disks.

* NumLock enables/disables joystick on numeric keypad

Enjoy !


* Improve compatibility
* Add preference menu
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Update the MCC-216 with a new core

Short video which describes the update procedure for the MCC-216

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Help & Support

Do you need some help support or like to share tips and trick for the MCC please enter your comments here.

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