Games for the ZX Spectrum

Games and Applications for the ZX Spectrum:

The Spectrum family enjoys a very large software library of more than 23,000 titles[5] which is still increasing. While most of these are games, the library is very diverse, including programming language implementations, databases (e.g. VU-File[6]), word processors (e.g. Tasword II[7]), spreadsheets (e.g. VU-Calc[6]), drawing and painting tools (e.g. OCP Art Studio[8]), and even 3D-modelling (e.g. VU-3D[9]) and archaeology software[10] amongst many other types.[11]

The hardware limitations of the Spectrum imposed a special level of creativity on video game designers, and so many Spectrum games are very creative and playable even by today’s standards.[12] The early Spectrum models’ great success as a games platform came in spite of its lack of built-in joystick ports, primitive sound generation, and colour support that was optimised for text display.[13]

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