NEW: MCC-TV smallest Retro Gaming Console ever now in the market

This Multiple Classic Computer TC (MCC-TV)


dreams come true.

Do you miss your AMIGA 500 or your C64?

How about 255 C64 games + 45 AMIGA 500 games on one system?

Easy plug and play to your big screen TV for hours of RETRO GAMING fun.

Joypad is included in this Special Edition.
A virtual keyboard allows full control with the Joypad, no need to leave the couch.

An internal memory enables the permanent storage of favorite games and applications.

The menu overlay allows for easy selection of the application or game and the desired Classic Computer.

Items included in shipment:

  • Multiple Classic Computer (MCC) 
  • Mini USB Power supply 110-240 V 
  • User Manual 
  • Micro SD-Card with C64 and AMIGA games
  • Joypad (USB)
  • AV cable (2x stereo Aido (Chinch) and 1x Video (Chinch)

Technical Specification:

  • Reconfigurable hardware core, including main CPU, graphic engine, sound engine
  • Integrated SDR Memory 16 Mbytes 
  • Integrated non-volatile memory 1Mbyte for different classic computer platform
  • Programs and Games (enable up to 150 and more games in a closed system) 
  • Support of USB Joypad
  • AV-Video output 
  • Micro SD-card interface for external programs 
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